1. Package “Educational services at the level of primary general secondary education with a bilingual model of learning (Ukrainian + English language of instruction)”:
  • Education of the Child according to the State standard of primary general secondary education of NUS;
  • International Primary program;
  • Balanced five meals a day;
  • teaching subjects in English (English as a second language, Math, Science);
  • IT club;
  • TRIZ-psychology;
  • French;
  • sports club (mini-football, rollerblading, segways, scooters, table tennis, karate-do);
  • step aerobics, stretch, choreography;
  • medical support;
  • psychological support;
  • educational literature, textbooks, office, sporting goods and protective elements;
  • branded T-shirts.

Individual and additional classes that are not included in this list of services are ordered separately and subject to additional payment:

Group activities
Class Information
LegoEducationWeDo 2.0 Discover the world with Minecraft. Scratch
Fundamentals of robotics and programming
Vocal studio Academic and choral singing
Painting Oil, pastel, watercolor, painting. Fluid Art, sketching, comography
French (native)  With a native speaker

Stretching, flexibility, exercises with objects: ribbon, skipping rope, hoop, ball

Speech therapist Correctional and speech therapy work with children: sound production, phonemic development
Exercise therapy (posture correction, stretching, prevention of flat feet) A set of specially selected special exercises for disease prevention, as well as proper breathing techniques.
Dynamo Football Academy Classes are held with a coach from DUFS “Dynamo”
Cheerleading Dance exercises with pompoms. Jumping exercises, stretching, flexibility.
  1.  Educational services package at the level of primary general secondary education (Ukrainian + English language of instruction). Individual form of training (conducting classes online,” offline “, mixed).